You may think what appeals to search engines may not favor human readers. This is true to a certain extent but research shows that a content writer can do both. While the search engine would not express gratitude or subscribe to your site, human beings do. Among a vast group of writers penning hundreds of content every day, the reward comes from the clients but only those who know how to write for humans and search engines.

That being said, an SEO article writing service may manage both professionally to resolve the age-old conflict between search bots and humans. After all, search engines are also bent on picking content that humans will love. Here is analyzing how to write content that search engines and humans will love.

1. Focusing on the keyword

When writing content that is human and SEO-friendly, choose a keyword that you want to rank based on the topic you have chosen. Once you are done with choosing the right keywords, you are only halfway through your journey. Now, if you are writing a blog article, try to focus on long-tail keywords. Typically, the long-tail keywords contain 3 or more words. Once you finalize the keywords to include, make sure you incorporate them in appropriate sections.

2. Choice of words

The choice of words impacts human readers. Unfortunately, the set of words you choose for them may not apply to the search engine bots. For the search bots, you need to make the content easy and the words more comprehensible and readable to establish your idea. So, do away with fluff terms and choose string words instead of adjectives. Finally, you need to avoid multisyllabic words. For instance, write ‘required’ instead of ‘compulsory’. For humans, however, you must avoid words that insult them to the face and pick more specific terms than the general ones. Finally, use the first person and not the third person to make the content more inclusive. The content writer for hire will have much more skills to create content that appeals to the readers and the search engines.

3. Creating the content structure

The structure impacts the search bots and the humans. So, create headings that are click worthy or catchy as well as easy to read. Including a table of content on the top defines the scope of the post and makes it easier for the readers to understand what it is all about.  So, a mere description may not suffice; you need to exemplify it to personalize the heading. Furthermore, the subheadings also matter but make sure they are relevant and explain the sectional content appropriately. Similarly, when optimizing the structure for bots, try to include the semantic or the primary keywords in the heading. Professional SEO content writing services leverage AI tools that are excellent for ideation but the overall text must address the readers and make sense to them.

4. Spelling and grammar

Content that is grammatically correct and has no spelling errors coordinates with the readers better. However, grammar may not bother search engines much. Problems may arise when the search bot fails to crawl the site due to errors and impacts the searchability. With proper spelling, you can boost the authority score of the site. When mentioning brand names, you need to be especially careful about capitalization. You might consider it insignificant but the brands are happy when you spell their names correctly. If the word processor does not have spell check in the brand names, you can choose specific tools to autocorrect for brands. An SEO article writing service can minimize the chances of spelling and grammar errors.

5. Visuals to pick

Using images to break the large paragraphs containing text improves the user experience. Just like the text and the structure, the visual elements appeal to the readers. When it comes to a human audience, you need to pick visuals to make them understand what the text is all about. Use embedded videos, screenshots, quote images, GIFs, and infographics to attract human readers. Similarly, when optimizing the images for search bots, try using compressing files and high-end images that do not affect the loading speed.

6. Content length

Word count is not a major factor when it comes to SEO rankings. Google leverages comprehensive answers related to search terms for long-term content to perform better. Content Freelancing is a reputed article writing service producing content for readers and search bots. Hire the experts to know how to create content of proper length.

It is not just writing content that is SEO-friendly. You need to know how to optimize the content for both humans and search engines. Implement the steps mentioned here for a favorable outcome. Good luck!